My passion for storytelling stems from hearing the call for a New Story in our culture.   The challenges of our times are at their root, stories, which have become too small.  My fundamental work then is to help others and myself step into larger, more meaningful and more beautiful stories.  


My work has ranged a variety of mediums including filmmaking, photography, writing, performance art, installations, alternative education, community organizing and cultural design.  This work has taken me Internationally to, at one pole, centers for the emerging Story to at the other, centers of great crisis, including conflict zones in Latin America and the Middle East.  The Bay Area, California, where I call home, is a nexus of crisis and emergence, and I owe much gratitude to the catalyst it has been.  I also owe a deep thanksgiving to the mountains of Colorado where my childhood curiosity first beheld the awe of the divinity streaming throughout the natural world.


Recently, I have begun deep study and collaboration with the Tamera Peace Research Centre whose work in Love, Sexuality and community serve as a model for a true non-violent society.   This collaboration includes a documentary, Healing of Love, co-produced with Ian Mackenzie, and the production of two Love Schools in the Bay Area in Fall 2015.


In addition,  this past year has blessed me to continue study with the great teacher, Stephen Jenkinson, on the art of Ancestral Remembering and Cultural Redemption in his Orphan Wisdom School.


The other foundation for my work is my continued numerous expeditions into the natural world, ranging from high mountain climbs to deep desert canyon vision quests.   I am particularly interested in the use of Arts, Nature and Culture as rites of passage and initiation, and how these intersect with my mission of documenting and crafting the story of the emerging paradigm. 


In 2016, work will begin on the creation of a West Coast Peace Research Centre Community with a ready group from North America.


Please contact me for further inquiries into my work, collaboration or just to connect!